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195 countries. 24 hours. One Run

The first truly 🌎 running event. Human Rights Day (Dec 10) @ 7pm

Unite the world in a wave of positivity & raise vital funds to end child discrimination.

Let's show the world that ❤️ is a human right & end 2020 on a high. Together.


195 countries, 24 hours, One Run. 😲

Got Questions?

How does it all work?

On Human Rights Day (10th Dec) 2020, we’re asking you to join thousands of people from 195 countries and run, walk or move your body for one hour at 7pm local time. Whether you run a 10k in your local park with friends or walk around the dinner table due to lockdown restrictions, everyone is invited.

We are uniting #EveryHuman and we are going BIG. If you believe in ending discrimination in all its ugly forms, then join us - all you need to do is sign up!

When is it?

The One Run Global Challenge takes place on Human Rights Day - 10th Dec 7pm-8pm at your local time.

As you and other runners in your time zone begin to move, our live map will light up, burning bright with a wave of positivity. We like to think of it like the New Year’s Eve countdown, with celebrations going off one after the other in each time zone - except the fireworks are in our trainers.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone. This is the first truly global running event.

We welcome every country, every age, every ability, every gender, Every Human with open arms.

We don’t care if you’re not fit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run. This is about showing up and taking part.

Do I have to fundraise as well?

You don't have to but we and our charity partners would love it if you played a part in helping to end hate and discrimination.

2020 has been filled with extraordinary events and stories of inequality and injustice. We’re coming together to show the world that love is a human right and help end child discrimination.

This is a run that means more. We’re creating an #EveryHuman movement which is raising vital funding for our Charity Partners to stop injustice and inequality against children.

Combating discrimination in 195 countries

Together, we are raising funds for these incredible charities to support the vital work they are doing and help put an end to injustice and inequality.

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One Run Supporters

It takes a BIG team to bring a global run to life and this project would not be possible without the unbelievable talent, skill, support and dedication of these beautiful humans. Thank you!

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