One Run Global Relay - Sat, 16 Oct

One Run FAQs

If you have a question about One Run that is not answered below then please get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected]

Common questions
How does it all work?

On Saturday 16th October 2021, we're uniting the world in one giant human-powered relay. We're inviting you to take part in joining thousands of people from 195 countries. All you need to do is run, walk or move your body for one hour at 9am local time.

You'll be able to download the One Run App to track your run and pass on the digital relay baton to fellow runners all around the world. Whether you run a 10k in your local park with friends or walk around the dinner table due to lockdown restrictions, everyone is invited.

When is it?

The One Run Global Relay takes place on Saturday 16th October 9am-10am at your local time.

As you and other runners in your time zone begin to move, our live map will light up, burning bright with a wave of positivity. We like to think of it like the New Year’s Eve countdown, with celebrations going off one after the other in each time zone - except the fireworks are in our trainers.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone. We welcome every country, every age, every ability, every gender, every human with open arms.

We don’t care if you’re not fit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run. This is about showing up, taking part and giving it your all.

What happens on the day?

The One Run Global Relay officially starts at 9am Kiribati time! As soon as the clock strikes 9am, One Runners in this time zone will begin their hour of movement, kicking off what's set to be an unforgettable 24 hours. From here on in, we'll be live streaming the entire day as it unfolds and celebrating humanity in all its forms. Look forward to timezone handovers, interviews with celebrities and One Runners, music sessions from incredible artists, videos from runners LIKE YOU, challenges, prizes and more. It's going to be EPIC.

How does my One Run help the world?

We want to put a bit of good back into the world and give those who need it a real leg up. We do this by helping support children to get active around the world!

By tracking your miles on our app or fundraising for one of our charity parters, you're helping us make a big difference. Find out more here.

Do I have to fundraise?

You don't have to. Before the event download our One Run App (coming soon), track your runs and we'll donate to good causes for every mile you move!

If you'd like to go above and beyond and fundraise as well (we'd love you forever), then please see our One Run for Good webpage for info on awesome charities you can raise money for and how to get started.

Can I get my friends involved?

Absolutely - the more the merrier, the One Run Global Relay is for EVERYONE. We really mean that.

This year we've introduced our epic Teams Challenge, so if running as a group is your thing, check out all the details here. Ooh and just to let you know... There's going to be tonnes of awesome prizes!

Do I have to run for a WHOLE hour? I’m not that fit.

We want you to set a goal that’s personally challenging. For some, that might be smashing out a PB at max effort; for others, that might just be getting out. It’s different for everyone.

If you're not able to run for an hour, that’s totally fine! This isn’t a fitness test! Just do what you can - that might be running for 10 minutes then walking the rest, or maybe it’s just getting out and active in whatever way you’re able. The beauty is you decide.

Do I have to run (can I do other activities)?

One Run is centred around running, however this is an event for every human and we understand that not everyone can do that. We’d love you to run, walk or move your body in whatever way you are able - the important thing is taking part and giving it your all.

What if I’m busy at 9am?!

If you’re busy meeting friends, family or colleagues, try and get them involved! We reckon catch-ups, meetings and even proposals are best done while active. If that’s not possible, we understand. Pick an alternative ‘9 am’ and join in with that timezone.

What if I'm already running my local ParkRun?

That's no problem at all - Park Runners can combine their Saturday run with One Run. Woohoo!

We'd never make you choose to do one or the other, or force you to run twice in the same day (unless you want to - in which case go for it)! However, if you can give your fellow runners or local ParkRun a nudge to get involved, we'd love you forever!

And on that note, if you're not a Park Runner... Check it out! It's a really welcoming community and a great way to feel supported on the big day.

What if I’m ill or injured?

Firstly we’re sorry to hear you're not your shining best - get well soon! If you’re able to take part in a different way that would be fantastic. If not - don’t worry - you won’t miss out, sit back and rest up while watching the day unfold online and on our social media.

What if there’s a lockdown?

We hope for everyone's sake this isn't the case. However, if you cannot get out, adapt your challenge to meet your local restrictions! Whether that's running around your dinner table, walking as many flights of stairs as you can in an hour or moving your body to music!

Do I need any running specific kit?

From our perspective, nope! Although we’ve love to wear our snazzy new kit (coming soon!)

When do I get my medal?

Your medal will be posted straight to your door eight weeks after the event. We aim to get it there sooner but have to allow for longer postage time for runners outside of the UK.

What size merch shall I order?

Our t-shirts and sweatshirts have a unisex fit. As soon as they're available (keep your eyes peeled!), we'll make sure there are size charts so your top fits just right.

When will I get my apparel?

All t-shirts and sweatshirts are made hand-printed by the lovely Printed by Us. They will be made from sustainable materials and sent out in environmentally-friendly packaging. Once available, we aim to get these to you as fast as possible, however, please allow up to 10-15 working days.

How many countries are there?

There are a number of answers to this question and entire websites debating it in great length! We’ve taken the United Nations lead on this (they seem to know what they are talking about!) and settled on 195 countries.

Team Challenge
How does the teams challenge work?

It's simple - you gather up to 24 of your favourite humans (family, friends, run club or colleagues - we don't mind), think of an awesome team name, save the date (16th Oct) and sign up your team.

Then when the big day comes around, you each run for 1 hour, tracking it on our cool new One Run App and helping pass the digital baton around the world. Once you're done, we add up your efforts and award a whole host of prizes. They're not all based on speed and distance (although we love a try hard!) - we've made sure there's something for every type of One Runner.

Is the teams challenge super competitive?

Some teams will be setting out to top the leaderboard and take on the world - others will be taking part just for the fun of it. However you approach it, remember this is about bringing the world together, celebrating the power of people and enjoying yourself while raising money for some great causes.

Who can be in my team?

Anyone can make up your team of 24.

Your family, friends, co-workers, running club friends, Great Aunt Vera (if she's up for it)... even your long lost cousin, three times removed. The long and short of it is, we don't mind, provided you're all signed up and ready to take part on the 16th October.

Do I have to have 24 people in my team?

You don't have to... But we reckon it's more fun if you do! Plus, if you're looking to top the leaderboard it might be helpful - every mile counts.

If there are more than 24 of you, just set up multiple teams. It doesn't stop you from running together on the day.

Does everyone in my team have to be from the same country?

No - this is a global event. Teams can be made up of runners all in the same country - or spread across 24 different countries, each running in their own timezone. How cool is that!

Do team members need to participate together?

We love running together in person - it's good for the soul and far more social. However, if you're an international team with One Runners in different countries, facing COVID restrictions or have other logistical reasons, that's okay. You can all run at different times wherever you are. Just make sure you take the time to catch up and chat about how awesome it was.

How do I create a team?

To start your team challenge head over to this page. Here you'll be asked to create your team as well as how many tickets you would like for the event. You don't have to buy all your team tickets in one go - you can sort yourself out and then invite others to join.

Best get thinking of an awesome team name!

How do I join an existing team?

Head over to this page and sign-up for FREE - you'll have the chance to join an existing team as your signing up.

You can also join directly from a team's individual page by hitting the 'Join Team' button.

Can my team fundraise as well?

Abso-flipping-lutely that would be fantastic! If you want to go above and beyond, check out our One Run For Good page, get inspired and start fundraising.

What is One Run Schools Day?

One Run Schools Day (Friday 15th October 2021) is an entire day dedicated to getting schools active for 15 minutes or more. It's totally free to enter, and any school can sign up.

On the 15th Oct, teachers and pupils all over the world are going to be running, walking and moving for 15+ minutes in a mission to unite the globe. This can take any form of exercise, be at any time, and be part of an existing lesson or class if that's best for you.

All you need to do is sign up for FREE and put your school on the map.

Can kids take part in the One Run Global Relay?

Under 18's can’t have an individual profile page, but every human can take part in One Run events!

Kids can either take part in our designated Schools Day on 15th Oct or on the 16th Oct (or even better BOTH!). All we ask is that they are accompanied by a responsible adult who agrees to our Waiver.

Can my school take part in One Run?

Absolutely - come on board - we have schools all over the world taking part!

To get started, ask one of your teachers to sign your school up. After this, we’ll create a unique page for your school, put you on the Live Map and make sure everyone has all the information they need so you can get running.

How do we sign up, and what information do you need?

To sign your school up for the One Run Schools Day, simply fill out the form on this page. To start, all you need to tell is your name, email address, school name and the number of pupils you think will be taking part. If you don't know this for certain, we are okay with an approximation.

After we get these details, we'll be in touch to run you through all the details and set you up on our live map!

What will our school receive when we sign up?

All schools taking part in the One Run Global Relay will receive an information pack containing all the details of the event, a downloadable flyer to promote One Run, a letter home to parents, access to optional lesson plans and an inspirational video series and downloadable certificates for every pupil taking part. Boom!

Will there be a lot to organise?

Our schools offering is designed to be simple to follow and easy to activate. That being said, there's endless amounts of fun you could get involved with if you had a little more time on your hands!

Can parents take part too?

Yes! We're encouraging all schools, pupils and teachers to use this as an opportunity to connect with parents and your community, bringing them into the One Run family. Your school's Teacher Champion will be sent all the information you need to make your One Run BIG and get everyone on board.

Can the whole company or organisation take part?

Yes absolutely! To sign up your company head over to this page. Here you'll be asked to create your company team, it's completely FREE!

If you’d like to order One Run merch and/or medals for your entire team please visit our Shop or contact [email protected] and we’ll set you up. As always we're more than happy to help. We also offer BIG team discounts on bulk purchases!

How does taking part as a company all work?

You can either take part as a group of individuals or enter our team challenge. We might be baised but we think the team challenge is an awesome way to bond and connect with your co-workers! To enter the challenge you just need create a team(s) of up to 24 of your favourite collegues, clients or customers, save the date (16th Oct) and register your interest.

Then when the big day comes around, you each run for 1 hour, tracking it on our snazzy new One Run App and helping pass the digital baton around the world. Once you're done, we add up your efforts and award a whole host of prizes. They're not all based on speed and distance (although we love a try hard!) - we've made sure there's something for every type of One Runner.

How do I register my company for the event?

To sign up your company head over to this page. Here you'll be asked to create your company team, it's completely FREE!

Can my company fundraise as well?

Abso-flipping-lutely that would be fantastic! If you want to go above and beyond, check out our One Run For Good page, get inspired and start fundraising.

How do I join an existing company team?

Head over to this page and sign-up for FREE - you'll have the chance to join an existing team as your signing up. You can also join directly from a team's individual page by hitting the 'Join Team' button.

For Good
What is One Run for Good?

We're on a mission to use sport for good and help children around the world get active! From helping young people off the streets into sports clubs, to our dedicated free schools day, this is about transforming lives through exercise. As part of this, we're support charities and projects in every continent that are working hard to improve lives and get people moving.

If you'd like to support the incredible work of these organisations, we'd love you to buy one of our For Good Tickets or set up a fundraising page as part of your One Run.

What if I want to help but can’t afford to take part?

One Run is FREE to enter. For everyone!

To sign-up, head over to this page.

Can I use my One Run to fundraise for other causes?

Yes! If you have a charity you are passionate about and would like to use your Global Relay run to fundraise for them, just reach out to that charity and let them know about One Run. From here, the easiest way is to set up a fundraising page for them on any third party fundraising platform (like Just Giving).

Don't forget to email us, so we can feature your charity here too - you might inspire others to donate.

Where can I find your logo and images?

You can download our logo and a range of supporting assets here. Please credit One Run when using these images. For more pictures, please contact [email protected].

How many runners are taking part?

Our Live Map is designed to keep you up to date with all the essential facts and stats, such as how many people are running; how many countries are taking part; and how many teams have signed up.

Who do I contact for a quote or more information for my article?

We’re more than happy to provide you with quotes, clips, images and more - just email [email protected].

What other events have you organised?

We’ve pioneered relay running since 2013. We connected thousands of people in the first non-stop mass participation running relay across America, we’ve crossed continents by trainer-power alone and broken world records. If you want to see what we’re capable of, check out One Run for Boston, The London Relay and Project Awesome as examples.

We also have a geeky side too - using cutting edge research to help organisations to increase participation and diversity in sport and organise sell-out events like The Women's Trad Festival.

How can I arrange an interview with one of the team?

To arrange an interview with one of the team or our One Run Supporters, please contact [email protected] and we’ll set everything up.

How do I stay up to date with all things One Run?

To get the latest news, follow us on Instagram (@onerun_global), Facebook (@onerunglobal) and Twitter (@onerunglobal). Or contact [email protected] and we’ll sign you up to our One Runner’s Weekly Newsletter.

Do we have to track our One Run using the app?

We'd love you to track your run using the One Run App - not only does it make your effort offical, but we're also turning your miles into money for charity.

However, if one of you doesn't have a smartphone, or can’t use the app for any reason, just drop us an email before 16th Oct to discuss alternative ways to measure your team’s distance.

How does the digital relay baton work?

On the BIG day, the digital relay baton will be passed using the app from one runner to the next, making its way around the ENTIRE world.

Don't worry - we'll make sure you know exactly what you're doing before it's your time to run. Once the app is live, we'll be releasing a tutorial and will be on hand to support.

How much will the app cost?

Nothing - it's as free a bird. Whoop! We want this to be something everyone can enjoy.

Will I be able to link the app to my Strava?

You certainly can! Once it's live, there will be the option to link your Strava account directly to our app. You can do this when you first enter the enter or from your Account screen within the app. Any run you go for using our app will be synced to Strava and vice versa.

What if I don't get a strong GPS signal?

Make sure that GPS usage is enabled in Location settings and that your device has a clear view of the sky, away from buildings, trees, or other obstructions. It can sometimes take a minute or two for the device to acquire a strong signal from the satellites.

What happens if the recorded data is wrong?

Occasionally, GPS issues will cause an activity to be recorded incorrectly, leaving gaps in the data or making it difficult for segments to match. Good data depends on the strength of the device's GPS signal and can also be affected by an obscured view of the sky. Letting the device sit for a minute or two to acquire a strong GPS signal before recording can help record better data.

What if I can’t afford to take part?

One Run is FREE to enter. For everyone!

To sign-up, head over to this page.

My country isn’t listed?

Oh no! We’re really sorry about this - get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Can people see where I live on the live map?

Once you're signed up, our live map will show other One Runners and spectators where you placed your pin when creating your profile. If you chose to remain anonymous, you will not be shown on our live map. If you decide you would like to be anonymous after sign up, just get in touch.

Why is your website only in English?

As much as we would have loved to make our website available in every language under the sun, we're only a small grassroots organization. If you’re a translation company or tech whizz reading this and want to help out - get in touch!

Do you have insurance?

We’re covered, thanks for asking. But, just like real life, by taking part in One Run you agree to take responsibility for your actions as per our Waiver.

What are your booking terms?

You can find our booking terms in all their glory here! We can’t promise it makes for interesting reading though...

One Run App

Love running? You’re going to 💓 our One Run App!

Soon you’ll be able to join global weekly meet-ups to prepare for your One Run, take part in awesome challenges, track your runs, earn badges, unlock exclusive merchandise and most importantly, pass the One Run Digital Baton on the big day! Excited much? WE ARE!

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