One Run Global Relay - Sat, 16 Oct

One Run FAQs

If you have a question about One Run that is not answered below then please get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected]

Got Questions?

How does it all work?

On Saturday 16th October 2021, we’re asking you to join thousands of people from 195 countries and run, walk or move your body for one hour at 9am local time. Whether you run a 10k in your local park with friends or walk around the dinner table due to lockdown restrictions, everyone is invited.

We are uniting #EveryHuman and we are going BIG. If you believe in ending discrimination in all its ugly forms, then join us - all you need to do is sign up!

When is it?

The One Run Global Relay takes place on Saturday 16th October 9am-10am at your local time.

As you and other runners in your time zone begin to move, our live map will light up, burning bright with a wave of positivity. We like to think of it like the New Year’s Eve countdown, with celebrations going off one after the other in each time zone - except the fireworks are in our trainers.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone. This is the first truly global running event.

We welcome every country, every age, every ability, every gender, Every Human with open arms.

We don’t care if you’re not fit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run. This is about showing up and taking part.

What happens on the day?

The One Run Global Challenge officially starts at 9am Kiribati time! As soon as the clock strikes 9am, One Runners in this time zone will begin their hour of movement kicking off what's set to be an unforgettable 24 hours. From here on in we'll be live streaming the entire day as it unfolds and celebrating humanity in all its forms. Look forward to timezone handovers, interviews with celebrities, music sessions from incredible artists, videos from runners LIKE YOU, challenges, prizes and more. It's going to be EPIC!

Do I have to fundraise as well?

You don't have to but we and our charity partners would love it if you played a part in helping to end hate and discrimination.

2020 has been filled with extraordinary events and stories of inequality and injustice. We’re coming together to show the world that love is a human right and help end child discrimination.

This is a run that means more. We’re creating an #EveryHuman movement which is raising vital funding for our Charity Partners to stop injustice and inequality against children.

Do I have to run for a WHOLE hour? I’m not that fit.

We want you to set a goal that’s personally challenging. That means it’s different for everyone. If you're not able to run for an hour, that’s totally fine! This isn’t a fitness test! Just do what you can - that might be running for 10 minutes then walking the rest, or maybe it’s just getting out and active in whatever way you’re able. The beauty is you decide.

Do I have to run (can I do other activities)?

One Run is centred around running, however this is an event for #EveryHuman and we understand that not everyone can do that. We’d love you to run, walk or move your body in whatever way you are able - the important thing is taking part.

What if I’m busy at 9am?!

If you’re busy meeting friends, family or colleagues try and get them involved! We reckon catch-ups, meetings and even proposals are best done while active. If that’s not possible, we understand. Pick an alternative ‘9 am’ and join in with that time zone.

What if I’m ill or injured?

Firstly we’re sorry to hear your not your shining best - get well soon! If you’re able to take part in a different way that would be fantastic. If not - don’t worry - you won’t miss out, sit back and rest up while watching the day unfold online and on our social media.

What if there’s a lockdown?

Adapt your challenge to meet your local restrictions! Whether that is a run around your dinner table, walking as many flights of stairs as you can in an hour or moving your body to music!

Do I need any running specific kit?

From our perspective, nope! Although we’ve love to wear our #EveryHuman apparel.

When do I get my medal?

Your medal will be posted straight to your door eight weeks after the event.

What if I can’t afford to take part?

If you want to be part of One Run but can’t afford the entry fee then please click here.

Can my whole company or club run?

Yes absolutely! Create a team page, sign up and get fundraising! If you’d like to order EveryHuman apparel for your entire team or pay for members/colleagues to take part contact [email protected] and we’ll set you up.

Can kids take part in One Run?

Kids can’t have an individual profile page, but Every Human can take part in One Run! All we ask is that all children are accompanied by a responsible adult who agrees to our Waiver.

Can my school take part in One Run?

Absolutely - come on board! To get started, ask one of your teachers to sign your school up as a team as they'll be the one responsible for all of you on the day. After this, we’ll create a page for your school and make sure everyone has all the information they need so you can get running.

Where does the money I fundraise go to?

100% of the money you fundraise from your profile will go straight to our Charity Partners.

Where does my entry fee go?

Your entry fee goes towards paying for the cost of the event, your limited edition One Run medal and shipping it right to your doorstep!

How much of my money goes to charity when I buy EveryHuman apparel?

42-59% is divided equally between our Charity Partners - Unicef, DoSomething, No Bully, NOH8 and Know Your Rights Camp.

Around 35% goes to Printed By Us - an incredible UK charity that teaches homeless and vulnerable people to screenprint, employing them and helping them move towards stable and more fulfilling lives.

And 6.5% - 23% goes towards shipping - exact numbers depend on your location.

What size EveryHuman top shall I order?

Our EveryHuman t-shirt and sweatshirt have a unisex fit. Check out these charts to get your size just right.

When will I get my EveryHuman apparel?

All t-shirts and sweatshirts are lovingly hand-printed and packaged up by Printed by Us in environmentally-friendly packaging. We aim to get these to you as fast as possible, however, please allow up to 10-15 working days.

How many countries are there?

There are a number of answers to this question and entire websites debating it in great length! We’ve taken the United Nations lead on this and settled on 195 countries.

My country isn’t listed?

Oh no! We’re really sorry about this - get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Can people see where I live on the live map?

Our live map will show other One Runners and spectators where you placed your pin on sign up. If you chose to remain anonymous, you will not be shown on the map. If you decide you would like to be anonymous after sign up just get in touch.

Why is your website only in English?

As much as we would have loved to make our website available in every language under the sun we are only a small grassroots organization. If you’re a translation company or tech whizz reading this and want to help out - get in touch!

Do you have insurance?

We’re covered, thanks for asking. But, just like real life, by taking part in One Run you agree to take responsibility for your actions as per our Waiver.

What are your booking terms?

You can find our booking terms in all their glory here! We can’t promise it makes for interesting reading though...

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