One Run Global Relay - Sat, 16 Oct

Put your school on the map!

On Friday 15th October, your school has the chance to be part of a historic global event! Sign up for FREE, put your school on the map and join thousands of others from 195 countries as you run, walk and move to unite the globe.


Help us light up the world.

What do you have to do?

#1 - Choose a champion

Select one of your teachers to be your school champion. They’ll be your chief motivator and One Run Ambassador receiving all the info you need (and a wonderful EveryHuman tee). Once they’re chosen, ask them to hit the button below and sign your school up for FREE.

#2 - Put your school on the map

Next, we’ll create a page for your school on our Teams Page and add you to our Live Map. Pupils won’t have individual profile pages - but make sure you still let us know how many of you are taking part. EveryHuman counts!

#3 - Share the love

Tell the world you’re taking part in this historic event! Get neighbouring schools and parents involved - the more, the merrier. You can also fundraise via your school’s One Run page. Points for creativity here!

#4 - Take part on Friday 15th October

Lace up and take part. Run, jog, walk, bounce, roll - you choose. All you need to do is move for 15 minutes on the 15th October (our dedicated One Run Schools day). It can be at any time. Whether you’re running around the school track as a class or roly-polying around the house due to lockdown restrictions, what matters is taking part.

Teacher Champions - hit the button below to register your school for free. Once we’ve got your details we’ll be in touch to talk about taking part, medals and optional lesson plans and more.


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