One Run Global Relay - Sat, 16 Oct

132,202 pupils from 54 countries have united!

On Friday 15th October, teachers and pupils all over the world are running, walking and moving for 15+ minutes in a mission to unite the globe. Your school is a part of this historic global event too! 

Teachers, don't forget to send quotes, videos and photos of your One Run Schools Day to [email protected]

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Discover our dedicated schools day on Friday 15th October! 🙌

Whether you’re lapping the track, taking over team practice or dancing around the classroom, everyone is invited. We’re uniting the world and we want your school to be part of that!


Move for 15 minutes ⏰

Run, walk, bounce or roll... We don’t mind how! As long as you get active for 15 minutes or more on 15th Oct that counts to us! This can be at any time or part of an existing lesson or class.


Put YOUR school on the map

Join schools from across the world taking part in this truly global event and put your school on our live map! We've also created optional lesson plans and a downloadable assembly ready for the big day.

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Certificate for all pupils

Every student that completes One Run will get a free downloadable certificate to print out and put somewhere special. PLUS, your school will have the chance to buy limited edition 🏅 for pupils at half the price!

Got questions?

What is One Run Schools Day?

One Run Schools Day (Friday 15th October 2021) is an entire day dedicated to getting schools active for 15 minutes or more. It's totally free to enter, and any school can sign up.

On the 15th Oct, teachers and pupils all over the world are going to be running, walking and moving for 15+ minutes in a mission to unite the globe. This can take any form of exercise, be at any time, and be part of an existing lesson or class if that's best for you.

All you need to do is sign up for FREE and put your school on the map.

How do we sign up, and what information do you need?

To sign your school up for the One Run Schools Day, simply fill out the form on this page. To start, all you need to tell is your name, email address, school name and the number of pupils you think will be taking part. If you don't know this for certain, we are okay with an approximation.

After we get these details, we'll be in touch to run you through all the details and set you up on our live map!

What will our school receive when we sign up?

All schools taking part in the One Run Global Relay will receive an information pack containing all the details of the event, a downloadable flyer to promote One Run, a letter home to parents, access to optional lesson plans and an inspirational video series and downloadable certificates for every pupil taking part. Boom!

Will there be a lot to organise?

Our schools offering is designed to be simple to follow and easy to activate. That being said, there's endless amounts of fun you could get involved with if you had a little more time on your hands!

Can parents take part too?

Yes! We're encouraging all schools, pupils and teachers to use this as an opportunity to connect with parents and your community, bringing them into the One Run family. Your school's Teacher Champion will be sent all the information you need to make your One Run BIG and get everyone on board.

Teacher Champions

Every school needs a Teacher Champion. They’ll be your chief motivator and One Run Ambassador receiving all the info you need. They’ll also get a discount on our snazzy merch 👕. If that's you, hit the button below and register your school for free. Once we’ve got your details, we’ll be in touch to talk about taking part, medals and optional lesson plans and more.

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