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Wonderful Wild Women

This Human Rights Day (Dec 10) @ 7pm we're going to show that love is a human right and no one should be hated for who they are.

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We've raised $137 of our $1,000 goal!

23 days ago
Ellen Clancy donated $10.00!

"Go team!"

23 days ago
Anonymous donated $50.00!

"Because you remind me how flippin fab and important it is to get outside and have some fun! Thankyou"

45 days ago
Rach donated $10.00!

"You rock! Xxxx"

47 days ago
Anonymous donated $10.00!

"Let's get this started! ๐Ÿ‘"

48 days ago
Catherine donated $10.00!

"Let's get this started! ๐Ÿ‘"

49 days ago
Gil donated $20.00!

"Youโ€™re awesome!"

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Love is a human right, together, we can end discrimination against children.

100% of my fundraising goes to these five charities. Together, we are supporting the vital work they are doing to help put an end to injustice and inequality.

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