One Run Global Relay - Sat, 16 Oct

81,834 runners. 195 countries. One Run. 😲

An incredible 24 hour relay and live festival for global unity. 🌍

Make history & pass the baton on Saturday 16th October @ 9am

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Join the wave and pass the baton around the world! 🌎

At 9am local time on 16th October people from every country in the world - all 195 of them! - will run, walk or move for an hour creating a spectacular 24 hour relay around the world.


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Join thousands of runners from all across the planet in a giant celebration of humanity. Run, walk, roll or glide. Take part as a team or go it solo. Smash out a PB or fundraise for our amazing charities. We don't mind how you go about your One Run - it's giving it your all that counts!

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Let's unite the world

One of the most beautiful things about our planet is that we're all different. We celebrate that! We're on a mission to spread love and joy around the entire globe. Watch our live map fill up as we bring together One Runners from every single country in the world - all 195 of them! 🤯 

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Get your crew together

You look like you'd be a good Team Captain! Gather together 23 friends, family, club members or colleagues and take part in the One Run Team Challenge. It's simple - you give it your all for one hour, we add up your mileage and award awesome prizes!

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Got questions?

How does it all work?

On Saturday 16th October 2021, we're uniting the world in one giant human-powered relay. We're inviting you to take part in joining thousands of people from 195 countries. All you need to do is run, walk or move your body for one hour at 9am local time.

You'll be able to download the One Run App to track your run and pass on the digital relay baton to fellow runners all around the world. Whether you run a 10k in your local park with friends or walk around the dinner table due to lockdown restrictions, everyone is invited.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone. We welcome every country, every age, every ability, every gender, every human with open arms.

We don’t care if you’re not fit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run. This is about showing up, taking part and giving it your all.

Can I get my friends involved?

Absolutely - the more the merrier, the One Run Global Relay is for EVERYONE. We really mean that.

This year we've introduced our epic Teams Challenge, so if running as a group is your thing, check out all the details here. Ooh and just to let you know... There's going to be tonnes of awesome prizes!

How does my One Run help the world?

We want to put a bit of good back into the world and give those who need it a real leg up. We do this by helping support children to get active around the world!

By tracking your miles on our app or fundraising for one of our charity parters, you're helping us make a big difference. Find out more here.

One Run Schools

Put your school on the map! 🌎

On Friday 15th October, your school has the chance to be part of a historic global event! Sign up to the One Run Schools Day for FREE and join thousands of pupils from all over the world as you run, walk and move to unite the globe.

Involve your school

One Run for Good

Help support children to get active around the world! 🤗

We want to put a bit of good back into the world and give those who need it a real leg up. We’re on a mission to get every human running, walking and moving their bodies - particularly children. From helping young people off the streets into sports clubs, to our dedicated schools day, this is about transforming lives through exercise.

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